Prairie City Bakery Adds Strudel Sensations Danish and Cheesecake Now! to their Gourmet Bakery Product Line

February 03, 2012

Prairie City Bakery is pleased to announce their new individually wrapped line of Strudel Sensations Danish! Unlike any Danish you’ve seen or tastedApple n' maple Strudel Sensations Danish before, new Strudel Sensations offer exceptional amounts of premium filling and an incredibly flakey crust with sweet icing for sensational flavor balance. 

Available in four delicious flavors including Strawberry n’ Cheese, Cherry n’ Cheese, Apple n’ Maple, and Cinnamon Overload, Prairie City’s new Strudel Danish complete their premium wrapped pastry product line for gourmet on the go. Like the rest of Prairie City’s pastries, Strudel Sensations offer premium quality ingredients with an appealing, consistent look that customers will find difficult to resist. They’re a great complement to any gourmet coffee program.

Cheesecake Now! ClassicBrighten up your cooler―and your snack sales― with new Cheesecake Now! from Prairie City Bakery! Cheesecake Now! is their new line of restaurant-quality, individually wrapped Cheesecakes for one! These rich and creamy Cheesecakes offer the broad appeal of one of America’s most beloved dessert items as a decadent, single serve, easy-to-eat cheesecake. They’re packaged with an innovative, portable tray for less-mess-on-the-go—No Forks Required! Available in two gourmet flavors, Classic & Chocolatey Swirl. Attractive merchandisers for your coolers available—Free!

Contact Prairie City Bakery today to find out how you can get all of these delicious, innovative products into your store, along with other gourmet Prairie City Bakery items.

Founded in 1994, Prairie City Bakery is headquartered in Vernon Hills, IL. They provide fully baked, thaw and sell bakery solutions to the Foodservice, Convenience Store, and Drug Store Channels nationwide. Prairie City Bakery offers a wide range of high quality bulk and individually wrapped bakery items including the “Bigger” Big Cinnamon Roll®, Muffins, Danish, Donuts, Down Home Cookies®, Big N Fudgy Brownie®, Cheesecake Now!, Chocolatey Dipped Pretzels, Ooey Gooey Butter Cakes and Silver Dollar Shortbread cookies.