Donut Holes To-Go - Blueberry Flavored

Bite-sized donut holes are the ultimate in breakfast-to-go items and Prairie City Bakery brings you the best in breakfast and to-go items! Our Donut Cups give the grab-n-go customer a fun, easy way to enjoy them. What can we say about Blueberry except when added to our delicious donut hole recipe will make any blueberry lover say Mmmmm.

About This Product Family

Tender, tasty bite-sized donut holes are each coated with a rich glaze and packed with giant flavor. Each cup contains a generous 5 oz. serving and is merchandised for a quick sale. Four delicious donut flavors available: Old Fashioned, Blueberry, Cherry and Chocolate. Ask about our cool Donut Hole To-Go merchandising display—you won’t find another one out there like it!